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General Guidance for safe use of Lifting Shackles

This information is of a general nature only covering the main points on the safe use of lifting shackles. It may be necessary to supplement this information for specific applications.

Lifting Shackles – Dos and Don’ts


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Manual Chain & Lever Blocks

There is always a risk of an accident occurring when using manual chain blocks and lever hoists. This is because in general, they are dangerous if instructions on how to use them properly are not followed. Other risks of injury can be a result of not maintaining and checking the chains and levers on a regular basis. Continue reading Manual Chain & Lever Blocks

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Unusual Lifting Equipment Requests

Over the years PDQ Lifting have been asked to supply lifting equipment for many different uses, some of which you would have never have thought of, from the prosaic – moving safes/ garden sheds/ shipping containers, to more unusual items, such as: Continue reading Unusual Lifting Equipment Requests

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Choosing the Right Lifting Gear for the Job!

At PDQ lifting we have an extensive range of lifting gear for companies looking to either hire or purchase. As every piece of kit has its own intended job and limits it is essential that it is always used in the correct manner and weight limits are not exceeded. Continue reading Choosing the Right Lifting Gear for the Job!

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Lifting Gear Hire in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Merseyside

At PDQ Lifting we supply a wide range of heavy lifting equipment to hire in and around Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Merseyside. Established in 1999 we have been supplying an ever expanding range of high quality, professional lifting equipment for over a decade. To celebrate over 10 years of supplying lifting gear we are offering a 20% discount when you hire lifting gear with us at PDQ for the first time. Continue reading Lifting Gear Hire in Lancashire, Yorkshire, and Merseyside

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Easter Offer – 20% Off Your First Hire

For my first blog I thought I would keep it simple. With the Easter break just a few days away I thought that we would tempt new customers with a 20% off your first hire offer. As it’s a long bank holiday weekend followed by a short working week in the run up to The Royal Wedding we hoped that we may as well tempt people to hire some more of our kit!

Continue reading Easter Offer – 20% Off Your First Hire